Friday, 17 August 2012

TIK TOK - Scouse Bird Remix

Wake up in the morning lookin like P Diddy
Had my St Moriz dark on and my sheets look shitty
Before I leave, do my brows so they’re big and black
Then remember oh fuckin ell I aven’t tanned my back

I'm talking lookin extra fierce, fierce
Eyelashes won’t stick; tears, tears
Getting ready for years years

Slut - dropping, playing our favorite beats,bass
Get a Delta to that Moniques place
Trying to get a little bit shit faaaacccced

Slut drop, booty pop
DJ, Turn Avicii up
Tonight, give a shite
Gonna start a bitch fight
Snap snap, kitten pap
Girl you deserve a slap. yanoooo

Don't stop, this beats heavy
Lad u buyin me a bevvy?
Tonight, where’s Mr Right?
I bet he’s got a bird, that’s tight
Got Glenns, Am on the vod
An the fist pumpin don't stop, noooooo

Ain't got a care in world, cos I’m lookin scouse
Ain't got no dough in my pocket, I live in me ma’s house
And now, the drinks are linin up cos u know I'm a top blagger
Posin for facebook pictures, my duck pout like Mick Jagger

I'm talking about lads tryin on their luck, luck
That wool better fuckin duck, duck
Gonna smack him cos I’m a crank when drunk, drunk

Now, now, we go bouncers kicked us out, out
The cobbles make me fall down, down
Cobbles make me fall down down
Cobblesh makesj m,eemcf

Next stop, kebab shop
Gimme pizza or I’ll strop
Chicken wings, is right
Can you fuck have a bite
Call a cab call it a day
But I ain’t walkin all that way, nooooo

Delta's here, home mate
No ur not sorry bout the wait
Tonight, seen my shoes?
I got blisters thanks to use
Tick tock where’s me keys?
I’ve got mayo down me knees, noooo

Vodka, you build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, I got the shakes

When the suns up
Give me scran now
Large maccies sound
DIET coke please

Now, the party don't start 'til I walk in…