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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ludascouse - Yeah

Watch out my outfits ridiculous
In the club lookin so conspicuous
Rowww I'm a woman who's on the prowl
If you feel "bird me up" ready
I can milk you dry now
If you wanna play games
Imma tell the truth
I'm a crank so ill take scissors to all your best suits
Gimme your card an pin an ill have bags of new clothes
Now bend over to the front an kiss my shellaced toes
Me fella works for jag an I take his dough
Gotta head to KG for gorge foot patrol
How you like me now? Cricket bags I got over three hundred thousand
Lets drink, I'm the one to please
Scouse Bird fills bras with double D's
Me an me birds hit the floor an we leaves em dead
Cos we're fitties in the street an freaks in the bed