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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The 0151 by Scouzalea Banks

Hey, I can be the scouse bird
I'm ready to dance get ur tan on
And when I pout that lip get your camera
An if you see that bitch in the same dress
Get ready to swill with mojito
That bitch she wants to compete tho
I can freak out pump that fist with the peeps and
You know what your bitch become when her weave in
I just wanna sip that goose with your peeps an
Sit in that booth if you're treatin'
Kick off with a bitch an go get a pizza
You know ill get a kebab and four season
Now he wanna piece of my scran in the evenin'
An get his tongue on me deep pan
I guess that cunt gettin' beaten
I guess that cunt gettin' beaten
I guess that cunt gettin' eaten
I guess that cunt gettin' eaten
I guess that cunt gettin'...

I was in 0-151
Livin town up yeh
On the pull
Yano it's on now dont you?
Shit make-up on you
I'm a rude bitch divvy
You lookin made up for?
Need to eat your food up girl
Think ur boss in ur 8
I'm a cool 1 - 2
Fuck you gone do?
Al av 2 large Big Mac
I'm a look a right pig
But do i give a fuck?
Fuck em like you don't do this hun
Its sly to get discovered shaggin all them lads
Cock-a-suckin' in a delta by the big Costco
Catch the clap soon
In the mornin who u son?
Minger you've overstay you
Plus your bitch might kick off
Wonder who let you come to Walton?
Ring that delta crew son
The fuck, you doin, hun?
Girl put in your big bun bun
Hungover an hot
If you do want to go to nandos
Tell your girls don't blag
There's no goss bigger
You know youre a big show
Bitch I'm 'bout to throw up too
New me from today
Got the new stens too
From Rapunzels
Where are you bitch for lunch?
I'm a proper bad cunt
I'm a proper bad cunt
I'm a proper bad cunt
I'm a proper bad cunt

A-yo, A-yo,
I heard you struttin' with the same tall, tall heels tall heels
Til you see cobbles cobbles
Tryna' be runnin' but you ain't goin' no where no where
Why you always late girl? Late girl
You lookin hot but you just waste all your time
You'll forget their name soon
And ain't nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah

Why you do this when Vodka appear?
W-when shots premier?
Bitch the end of your life feels near
It's shit this time, time
When you gone get ur life in gear?
Why not this new year?
Bitch the start of your life is near
It's fuckin time time